Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the cord cut into 50' sections or in continuous lengths?

All cord is cut in continuous lengths. Meaning if you order a quantity of “2”, you will receive 100' of continuous cord, quantity of 3 would be 150', and so on. 


2) How do pre-orders work? That's all I see posted right now. 

We run preorders to ensure customers get exactly what they want when we release new twists and don't have to scramble with shop update dates and times. We announce the date/time they open and close then place the order with the mill depending on how much was ordered for each twist. After the order is placed with the mill, we typically have the cord in hand within 6-8 weeks. We then ship it out to you ASAP :)


3) Are all cords guaranteed to come back in stock/rotation?

No, not necessarily! We like to cycle things in and out depending on demand. Our goal is to offer you folks as many fun new twists as we can which means sometimes we retire the old ones!


4) My order was lost in the mail or marked as "delivered" but was not actually delivered, who do I contact and what can you do? 

After the package is dropped off with the shipping carrier, it is out of our hands unfortunately. We suggest you start by contacting the shipping carrier to report it to them and also let us know just so we are aware of the situation. In our experience- packages usually pop up in a few days! For international shipping, claims need to be filed on our end. For domestic shipping, however, you can start an inquiry from your local branch if you provide your tracking number. Starting with your local post office in person is typically much more successful than us trying to contact them over the phone!

5) What supplies do I need to make a cinch?
For a typical 17 strand single-layer straight cinch, you need about 42’ of 8 ply for a 28”, 44’ for a 30”, and about 47’ for a 32”. You will also need two cinch buckles, two 1” dee rings, and 50-100’ of 2 ply for detail work and weaving your dee rings in. You’ll also need a cinch frame of some kind, as well as some hand tools like scissors and a hemostat or special weaving needle.
For more information/resources, U-BRAID-IT sells a supply kit with directions to get started in cinch making, and we also offer an online class that is very comprehensive, details can be found here.

For more information on our cinch making classes, click here: