Update 3.20.2024

Hello all!

I just wanted to shoot everyone an email really quick about a few things:

1) I have (1) bulk 8 ply roll of Abiquiu Blue here in stock. It is $690 plus shipping and to claim it, please respond to this email and I will send you an invoice manually :)

2) I have (2) bulk 8 ply rolls and (2) bulk 2 ply cones of Bright Orange, these are on sale for $295/roll per 8 ply and $110/cone per 2 ply. Again, please shoot me an email if you'd like to claim one and I will send an invoice manually!

3) New in the "Leather" department- I loaded a handful of "oops" keepers to our website (on the Leather page of the website). All of these keepers have been accumulating over the years due to lettering/layout mistakes or non-payment and now the pile is big enough, I figure it's time to cut down on the collection. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these keepers but they're not doing us any good sitting in a bucket here so I thought I'd offer them to you folks! All are made from veg tan leather with velcro for easy attaching to the cinch. Some are lasered and some are tooled. Hopefully some of these will fit the bill for what you need and can still get used :)

4) I just loaded footage of the following 4 twists to the website: Baldy Mountain, Brick, Glacier Lake, and Grand Prismatic. Again, normally I'd have a formal restock date but with my procedure coming up next week, I wanted to get everything loaded to the website ASAP so I could get it back out the door before the new shipping schedule on March 25th.

5) I also loaded some footage of Golden Palomino 2 ply, I am waiting on the Golden Palomino 8 ply to arrive but will let everyone know when it is officially here. The same goes for Dusty Blue 8 and 2 ply, I have some of that on order as well and will let you guys know when I have it in hand!

6) Just as one last reminder if you missed the last email- we will have a new shipping schedule starting March 25th. Starting March 25th, packages for in-stock cord/supplies will be shipping on Mondays and/or Thursdays, cutoffs for each of those days will be 8am MST. If an order comes in after 8am MST on a shipping day, it will be pushed to the next shipping day. Dana will be helping me with all packages while I am on the mend so your patience during the next few months will be greatly appreciated!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and let me know if you have any questions!

Tracy (and Dana)

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