Tweed... Yes, you read that right... TWEED!

I have some Tweed 8 and 2 ply on order (that's the name the mill gave the cord so we are sticking with it)! I'm not active in the cinch Facebook groups but I'm told it's been a hot topic. I put this on my to do list late last summer but decided that before the annual mill closure/around Christmas busy time was not the best time to revive an old project for the mill since it's the busiest time of year for everyone. We haven't said anything before this because we wanted to be sure it was happening and now we can finally share the good news... We officially have some on order! AND AS AN ADDED BONUS--- we won't just have Natural Tweed... We will also have some Turquoise Trail Tweed available! No ETA or restock date yet but when I get one scheduled, I will send an email out (as always) and there is a photo below if you aren't sure what the Tweed cord looks like :) We are VERY excited!

As one more reminder, this email list is the best way to stay up to date and is the best way to contact me- Dana sends all inquiries she gets personally and on our main cinch website directly to me anyways, so she’s the slow route if you have a supply question!

Tracy (and Dana)

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