Hello All!

We just received more Tweed late Thursday afternoon so we are going to try for Tweed shop update round 2! It will be

SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 2023 @ 10AM MST

We will have Turquoise and Natural Tweed in both 8 and 2 ply. HERE IS THE CATCH: We are doing it by honor system. Since the plugin we paid for glitched last time, we are not putting quantity limits on the listings themselves this time. THE MAX NUMBER OF UNITS YOU CAN BUY OF EACH COLOR/PLY COMBO IS 250 FEET. IF YOU BUY MORE THAN 250 FEET (5 UNITS) OF ANY OF THEM, I WILL REFUND YOU FOR ANYTHING OVER 250 FEET. (I promise I'm not trying to yell, just draw your eye to the important part of the email haha). I will make a note of the limit on the listings themselves and also make a note in our checkout terms and conditions. 250 feet max per color/ply per person. We are trying our very best to get Tweed to as many people as possible! If you got your max limits in round one, please hold off and let some other folks have a shot at some.

EVERYTHING SOLD OUT REALLY FAST LAST TIME, SET YOUR ALARMS AND BE PREPARED TO LOG ON TO YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE 10 AM MST. The Mill states they do NOT have unlimited amounts of the nep they need to make the Tweed so we aren't sure how much more we can get. This is not guaranteed to come back into rotation but we are in communications with the Mill to see what it would take to get more nep.

Reminder: EVERYTHING IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! NOTHING IS RESERVED EVEN IF IT IS IN YOUR CART...Things can still sell out even though you have them loaded in your cart so do not assume you are safe just because you clicked "add to cart". Your quantities are secured once checkout is complete.

If you have to checkout twice (first round with Tweed so you secure your footage) then go back and do the rest of your shopping, that would probably be safest. I do go through all of the orders after restocks to look for multiple orders placed by the same person so I can combine them and also refund the difference in shipping so don't worry about that part :)

Please let me know if you have any questions beforehand and have a great Friday!

Tracy (and Dana)

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