TWEED 5.20.2023 @ 10am MST

Alrighty-- the time has come... Tweed restock (that's what the mill calls it so we are not going to rename it)! We will have **LIMITED** quantities of Natural and Turquoise Tweed (in both 8 and 2 ply) available on:

SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2023 @ 10am MST

We spoke with the mill and Tweed is limited stock so knowing this, we are going to LIMIT all orders to 250ft of each ply/color ie: the max you can get of each is:

250ft Natural 8 Ply

250ft Turquoise 8 Ply

250ft Natural 2 Ply

250ft Turquoise 2 Ply

We are hoping that by limiting the amount on these particular cords that it will make it more fair and increase the chances of more folks being able to get it. We will be ordering more in the next month if it does sell out quickly. Please be respectful of the limit, I will be watching for duplicate orders.

Tweed will not be available in bulk rolls/cones as of right now but if something changes, I will send an email out to let everyone know.

I will also be restocking Dusty Blue 8 & 2 ply on May 20th but since Tweed will likely go VERY VERY FAST, if you have to checkout twice (first round with Tweed so you secure your footage) then go back and do the rest of your shopping, that would probably be safest. I do go through all of the orders after restocks to look for multiple orders placed by the same person so I can combine them and also refund the difference in shipping so don't worry about that part :)

Stay tuned for Group 2 Pre-Order dates and if you need to be brought up to speed on this, feel free to check out our blog to read the old email content!

Happy Saturday!

Tracy (and Dana)

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