Stock is loaded to the website! 12.1.2023


The time has come- stock is officially loaded to the website! We do anticipate things will go quick so move fast but please read this whole email for important details first! Items are NOT saved in your cart and everything is first come, first served!

A few things-

-REMINDER- this round of Limited Edition shades/twists are only going to be cut in 50’ and 100’ pieces (ie- if you order 150’+, it won’t come in a single continuous piece).

All Limited Edition Twists are 0.48/foot

All Limited Edition Solid Shades are 0.46/foot for 8 ply and 0.16/foot for 2 ply (2 ply coming later)

- Regularly stocked shades and twists- All cord is cut in continuous lengths up to 250'. As of 11.28.2023 - ANY length of 8 ply cord over 250' will be broken up into two sections. For Example- if you order 400 feet- you will 1-250' piece and 1-150' piece.

The following have been loaded to the website: Brick, Glacier Lake, Golden Palomino (8 & 2 Ply), Grand Prismatic, Junebug, Purple Paintbrush, Silver Dollar, Spring Creek

*We will have Dusty Blue 8 & 2 Ply before the end of 2023 but it is not included in this restock, we are still waiting on those rolls/cones to ship from the Mill*

- We still have some Limited Edition shades/plies on order so you will see "ETA-TBD" next to some of the items in the listings, I will send another email when those arrive and will be loaded to the website, we don't have tracking information on those yet but it will be no sooner than 12/8.

- The first 20 orders from this restock will get 50' of Bright Orange 8 Ply for free :)

- PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK ANY AUTO-FILL SETTINGS YOU MAY HAVE--- It helps to avoid bobbles since I don't know when your autofill is incorrect, our shipping software uses the exact shipping address you enter upon checkout. DOUBLE CHECK your shipping address on your order confirmation and if something is incorrect, shoot me an email and I can get it sorted out!

- I have 4 whole rolls of Bright Orange 8 Ply that are available for $495 plus shipping (normally would be $690 plus shipping)-- PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU'D LIKE TO CLAIM ONE! It is first come, first served!

- I have ONE half roll of Black 8 Ply available right now, please email me if you'd like to claim it! It is $400 plus shipping and roughly 1000' of cord (half rolls are split by weight, not measured by the foot)

- I loaded a batch of Quick Change Cinch Frame Stands to the website as well, more information can be found here (Quick Change Cinch Frame Stand)

- We now have Natural 6 ply available for the foot, more information can be found here (6 Ply Mohair)

- I also loaded some Tweed! Tweed is still limited to 250' person! If you go over 250', I will refund the overage.

-There are a handful of odd lots loaded to the "Odd Lots" page as well!

Thank you all and let me know if you have any questions!

Tracy (and Dana)

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