Shop Update 3/24/2023 @ 6pm MST

Greetings again!

I previously mentioned in my March 3rd email that we had some twists on order with the mill for a normal restock and guess what... they're here!

The restock is scheduled for:

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2023 @ 6pm MST

And it will include the following twists:

Baldy Mountain, Pistol Pete, Purple Paintbrush, Silver Dollar, Spring Creek, and Yellowstone

These sell out fast so if you are in immediate need of one of these twists, be sure to set an alarm. If you miss out during the restock, you will still have a chance to get these twists in our next round of pre-orders (date TBD but I will send an email after round 1 pre-orders get fulfilled and round 2 dates are set... *roughly* beginning/middle of May).

REMINDER: Group 2 Pre-orders will be Baldy Mountain, Glacier Lake, Pistol Pete, Purple Paintbrush, Silver Dollar, Spring Creek, and Yellowstone.

This restock will also include SMALL AMOUNTS of U-BRAID-IT's Pony Express and Rodeo retired 8 ply twists (pictured below). We will also be restocking Golden Palomino 8 & 2 ply and Coral Mesa 8 Ply.

Also introducing a new color! Dusty Blue (pictured below) will be a regularly stocked shade in 8 & 2 ply and we are very excited to add this to the lineup :)

We will still have restocks throughout the year, pre-orders for our regularly stocked twists are just our way of trying to get cord in the hands of everyone that has been having trouble getting cord before it sells out during restocks. When folks buy a few hundred feet at a time, it wipes things out pretty fast but as always it is still first come, first served.

Also, I have been adding the content of these emails to our Blog page on our website just in case folks need to go back to reference something and can't find the email.

As usual, if you need to reach me or have a question you’re always welcome to reply directly to these emails

I hope you guys have a wonderful week and thanks again for being here :)

Tracy (and Dana)





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