Please Read! (Another) Update! 3.12.2024

Greetings All-

My last email said we would be moving to a new temporary shipping schedule starting today (3/12) but that is being pushed back to March 25th. My procedure was delayed 2 weeks so I just wanted to send a quick email to let you all know about the change.

The same shipping schedule that I mentioned in the last email will still be in effect starting March 25th. In case you missed the last email, the following is what folks can expect:

Dana will come to my house twice a week and I will supervise (lucky her) all of the orders getting packed. You can plan on this shipping schedule moving forward from March 25th on (until further notice, I will send another email when normal shipping times resume):

Packages for in-stock cord/supplies will be shipping on Mondays and/or Thursdays, cutoffs for each of those days will be 8am MST. If an order comes in after 8am MST on a shipping day, it will be pushed to the next shipping day.

--- Outside of the March 25th shipping timeline change, please be patient with me leading up to my procedure and even after Dana doesn't have to babysit me anymore, I will not have two fully functional wings (arms) for 4-6 months... for the time being I have basically 1.5 wings. I changed our order fulfillment timeline to 2-4 business days, I am just one person and I do try my best to get orders out the door as fast as possible!

--- I know folks have been eager to get restocked on some twists and we finally have 4 rolls here (and more on the way)! I just loaded footage of Spanish Peaks, Pistol Pete, Yellowstone, and Junebug to the website :) Normally, I'd have a scheduled restock but I wanted to get everything live on the website ASAP for you all!

Thank you all and let me know if you have any questions!


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