Mohair Color Sample Cards! (and a few reminders/announcements)

Greetings, again! Apologies for two emails back to back but this one has a series of announcements/reminders so please read :)

1) Reminder- Group 1 Pre-Orders that ran from 3/5/2023-3/11/2023 are due to arrive sometime around the end April/beginning-middle of May. It is 6-8 weeks from the time we place our mill order and we place the mill order within one business day or so of pre-orders closing. So if you placed your order on pre-order day 1 but the pre-order window was a week, you would have to plan on 6-8 weeks from the time they close since we use total numbers from the whole week to place the mill order. I also keep the yellow banner at the top of our website updated with current delivery time estimates so be sure to check there, also! As always, if there is a delay I will also send an email out to let you guys know.

Group 2 pre-order dates will be scheduled when all orders from Group 1 are fulfilled and I will send an email about that when the time comes.

I would also like to mention, we do have a "Frequently Asked Questions" page and it does have quite a few common questions on there should you ever have something you aren't sure about, feel free to check there and if it isn't answered, don't hesitate to shoot me an email :)

I have also been copy/pasting the text from these emails for future reference in case an email gets deleted and those posts can be found on our blog

2) I have some 1 ply on order and plan to start selling that for all of you embroiderers! We will start with basic colors and see how they go :)

3) Mohair sample cards are here! They are available one of two ways....

1) Card ONLY

2) Card and 2 Ply Mohair Samples


A complete list of the colors you will receive is shown in the website listing, please note... there is also a list of what is NOT included (2 ply twists, colors with lurex, and Limited Edition shades we've sold)

If you buy one of the cards with 2 ply, the pieces will come loosely knotted in U-BRAID-IT's color collage groups that they have listed on their 2 Ply Mohair page (I included a link directly to this page in our website listing). Remember- not all of their 2 ply shades are available in 8 ply.

I started with a small batch of cards just to see how they would go, I understand they won't be for everyone but the materials and laser time are not cheap. I hope they are as helpful for you folks as they have been for us :) We are very excited about the color cards!

Thanks again,

Tracy (and Dana)

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