Mill Price Increases

As stated in our March 24th email, we have good news and bad news, and will get right to the point- in the “bad news” department, there are some mill price increases coming. We were very recently alerted to this, this is not something that has been on the radar for months and months- it is a super recent development. 

Over the last 2-3 years, many of the suppliers for cinch materials, hardware, and leather have had an average of increase of 20-30% across the board. Since becoming bulk suppliers, we have not had any price increases. Unfortunately we just aren’t in a position to absorb the newest mill increases without also raising our own prices, based on the other costs in business also going up! We tried very hard to keep most of the price raises between about 9-13%- as modest as we could go for now while keeping our own lights on. The chart below shows the new prices.

This will be going into effect June 1st. This means that ANY bulk orders placed or on our list before June 1st will fall under “old prices”. As always, if you’d like to break a bulk order up into multiple payments, we will work with you. We are here to help, and we know the struggles of building and growing a small business first hand. We will send a few more reminders out as we get closer, but please be thinking about getting bulk orders in before that date! We will send an order in on May 30th- any orders placed BEFORE that, though the cord may not be in hand until the end of July, will be charged the “old prices”. 

We have made a tremendous effort to keep prices as low as we can. Dana ran a “pricing bootcamp” of sorts earlier in the year, in an effort to help makers with pricing their goods. With this upcoming increase, if anyone is interested in a free Zoom class to cover some of this material again, please reply to the email and we will put another small class together to chat about how to work these changes into your business, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or would like some help.

As an example, from our math, on a cinch requiring 60’ of 8 ply for example, with a 3.7 cent per foot increase on bulk dyed 8 ply, that’s $2.22 more to make that cinch than the current bulk 8 ply dyed rates. 

In VERY EXCITING AWESOME news- we’ve decided to work a new offering into the mix! You’ll now be able to order HALF ROLLS! That’s right! There are a lot of makers needing around 1000’ of cord sometimes, but not necessarily a full roll of a color. “Half rolls” will be 1000’ of cord, for $400. This brings the “per foot” cost down to .40/foot! When we split a roll, half will be on the cardboard roll, and half will be on either two smaller spools or two “balls” of about 500’ each- it will just be first come first served on who gets the “roll” versus the 2 500’ sections. It will be divided by weight, either way it will be the same footage. 

BY THE FOOT pricing will be as follows:

8 Ply Twists and Solid Colors : $0.48/foot

2 Ply Solid Colors : $0.18/foot

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we navigate all this! We are hopeful that by adding hardware and leather to our offerings, too, that overall this will help you be more efficient with supply orders, and keep your bottom line as low as you can!

Tracy (and Dana)


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