Bulk Orders Open! 1.1.2024

Good Morning!

Bulk orders are officially re-opened and the listings are reactivated on the website!

A few reminders about bulk cord:

If your items are on our first mill order of the year, we have an estimated delivery date slated for end of February/beginning of March 2024.


-We place 2 mill orders a month so just because you submitted your order on 'X' day, does not mean it is submitted to the mill the same day. We try to keep it as simple/streamlined as we can for the mill (and us) since more indidivual orders means more potential for something to get missed/mixed up. Please keep that in mind when placing your order. Even running this way- we have not fallen out of our estimated timelines (6-8 week delivery, sometimes sooner) and if it looks like there is a holdup somewhere and we will run over on our estimate, I will shoot you an email to bring you up to speed.

-When you place a bulk order, we cannot guarantee anything beyond our estimated time line. You know what we know. If something is going to be out of the estimated window, we will touch base personally with you. Otherwise you can expect a tracking number as soon as we receive the cord- rest assured as soon as we get it in hand, we get it to you as quickly as possible... I usually have everything boxed back up and dropped off to the shipping carrier within 18 hours. We will not ask the mill for daily or weekly updates if they are within their typical time frame- so please don’t expect us to message with daily or weekly updates, as it makes the whole process, for them as well as us, less efficient. Expedited orders are not possible- so be aware that it might take extra planning on your end if you know you are needing something sooner than the estimate we have on each listing.

*Please let us know if your shipping address changes after you place an order, I can easily change the shipping address before I ship the box!*

As always, let me know if you have any questions :)

Happy New Year, Friends!

Tracy (and Dana)

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