(Briefly) Out of Retirement Restock! 5.1.2024

Hello All!

I have a special restock announcement! On occasion, we bring a few of U-BRAID-IT's retired twists out of retirement. I was riding my stationary bike last month and it hit me, it has been awhile since we've brought anything out of retirement and I felt inspired!

The following is a list of the twists/solid colors will be available tomorrow, WEDNESDAY May 1, 2024 @ 6pm MST:

Confetti, Starstruck, Moab, Pony Express, Ristra Red/Black, Charcoal Grey/Black, Greycliff (not UBI but still limited footage at the moment), and Mariposa 8 ply

Again, these are not going to be regularly stocked and there is limited footage of each, just briefly brought out of retirement!

We will also have Dusty Blue 8 and 2 ply on Wednesday as well!

Everything except Dusty Blue (which is one of our normally stocked colors) is going to be marked *Limited Edition* since it is NOT in the normal rotation.

A reminder: EVERYTHING IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! NOTHING IS RESERVED EVEN IF IT IS IN YOUR CART...Things can still sell out even though you have them loaded in your cart so do not assume you are safe just because you clicked "add to cart". Your quantities are secured once checkout is complete.

A second reminder: NOTHING IS YOUR CART IS RESERVED! I do anticipate the footage will go fast since there is a limited amount. If you place multiple orders during a restock, I always go through and combine multiple orders/refund overpaid shipping costs as I'm shipping things out.

I am really excited about this group and hope some of you are excited about these (briefly) un-retired twists, I know I am!

I am still moving pretty slow and require assistance cutting cord after my procedure so please be patient with shipping times as well, we will get everything turned around and out the door as fast as we can!

I attached some photos below to show a small sampling of what will be available :)

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you all!

Tracy (and Dana)

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