Quick Reference Cinch Measurement Cards

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A NOTE ABOUT PRICING: These cards are priced at $49, plus $3.00 to ship (extra $15 to ship to Canada). Due to restrictions on the website, we can't have two different "flat rate" prices on here for US shipping, and these are cheaper to ship than cinches! Our cinches are normally $8 to ship, so to make up the difference on the listing, the cards are listed at $44, plus $8 to ship that wll show up when you check out. The end cost of the cards is the same, $52 shipped within the US no matter which way you buy them, on here or directly from us off of our Facebook page, etc. These cards are $59 shipped to Canada.


A handy quick-reference guide for cinch makers! These are lengths and diagrams with where you start the knots ONLY for some two and three color straight cinch patterns. These are not a "how to make cinches" reference and will not replace regular instruction from actual teaching sources. This is geared to those who already have familiarity with tying. They are meant to help you keep your information all in one spot! The water and tear-proof paper can be written on with Sharpie, to add your own notes to the back of each card if you desire.


These cards cover:

17 Strand Cinches
Three 2-color options
Two 3-color options

19 Strand Cinches
Five 2-color options
Two 3-color options

9-11-13 strand straight
11-13 strand woven
Two 2-color options

Triangle and Bar Detail Lengths

English Girths
14 strand straight cord lengths
18 strand woven cord lengths

How To Calculate Your Own (8 ply) Length

Straight One Color Cinch Lengths