Gauging Interest- Mystery Cord?

Hello All!

I'm on a fact finding mission with this email. I'm trying to gauge interest for a new idea, mystery cord. Mystery cord would still be 0.48/foot and we would order twists that would be considered limited edition/special and only the folks that order the mystery cord would receive that twist. 

The colors in the twists wouldn't be limited edition colors, we'd plan to use regularly stocked colors from UBI or our colors so the twists could be easily matched with your existing cord stashes.

So my question is- would there be interest in a monthly surprise cord available in either 50' or 100' lengths? I would plan to order a couple of rolls at a time and the cord could be purchased in lengths of either 50' or 100' and the cord would ship immediately, it would not be like our pre-order cord that has a wait time.

I would try to do mystery cord every month or every other month so and the goal would be to provide something fun and different for folks. While you wouldn't get to choose the cord since it's a surprise, the appeal would be that it's a little extra special.

Another side note with an update to our continuous length policy: All standard colors and twisted cord is cut in continuous lengths up to 300' for 8 and 6 ply. As of 5.31.2024 - Any length of standard colors/twisted 8 or 6 ply cord over 300' will be broken up into multiple sections unless otherwise stated on the individual listing (ie- Limited Edition shades). ANY length of 2 ply cord over 500' will be broken up into multiple sections.

Please let me know what your thoughts are for the mystery cord if you have a minute! I want to try to make it work for everyone!

Thank you!

Tracy (and Dana)

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